Professional design, Modification, Processing and production of all kinds of construction machinery structural parts,
To undertake crane telescopic boom, Frame, Turntable design modification.

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Established in 2002, Xuzhou Jiufa Construction Machinery Co., Ltd(XJCM). is a shareholding enterprise with investment capital of RMB76 million. Our company covers an area of 53 thousand square meters, 38 thousands of which are for workshops. We are equipped with more than 260 brand-new and advanced facilities. We specialize in manufacturing large structures of construction machinery and our annual production capability is 20 thousand metric tons. High-tech machines for numerical control, welding, forging and heat treatment are used in the process of our production. XJCM main products are rough terrain crane, truck crane, self -erecting tower crane, multifunctional pipelayer and many construction machinery parts. They are surely of standard quality. Our RT series cranes, QY series truck crane and JFYT series tower cranes are exported to North America. South America, Africa, Middle East, West Asia, Southeast Asia and other more than more than 30 countries and regions.

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  • Excavator Parts

    Excavator parts are mainly composed of two parts: mechanical parts and electronic parts. 1, mechanical parts are pure mechanical parts, to provide power support, mainly  hydraulic pump, grab, big arm, track, engine, etc. 2, electronic accessories are the driving control part of the excavator, use...

  • Reasonable use of excavator bucket teeth

    With the continuous improvement of people’s utilization rate of excavators, more and more projects are gradually adapted to the existence of such equipment. However, with the use of excavators, the loss of excavator bucket teeth is also increasing, so how should we operate excavator bucket ...

  • How to maintain crane parts

    1. Maintenance of motor and reducer To grasp the essence of the maintenance technology of crane components, first of all, it is necessary to check the temperature of the motor casing and bearing parts , the noise and vibration of the motor for abnormal phenomena regularly. In the case of frequent...

  • How to prolong the life of lifting machinery?

    Cranes are generally best placed in warehouses with flat and wide obstacles, so that they can be better maintained and managed. In fact, when the crane is not in use, management is also a very important thing, rather than just throwing it away. It is not conducive to the maintenance of crane perf...

  • Current situation and future development trend of Chinese manufacturing industry

    intelligent manufacturing system is a kind of intelligent machine and human experts jointly composed of human-machine integration intelligent system, it can in the manufacturing process with a high degree of flexibility and integration is not high, with the help of computer simulation of intellig...

  • Manufacturing technology of frame structure of rubber-tyred crane

    A wheeled crane frame structure, comprising a front section of the frame, a rear section of the frame and a slewing support, characterized in that: the rear section of the frame is an inverted trapezoid box-shaped structure, The width of the upper part is greater than th...

  • Structural elements and design methods of mechanical structural parts

    01 Geometric elements of structural parts The function of the mechanical structure is mainly realized by the geometric shape of the mechanical parts and the relative positional relationship between the various parts. The geometry of a part is composed of its surface. A p...

  • Dump truck structure classification and selection

    Dump truck structure Dump truck is mainly composed of hydraulic dumping mechanism, carriage, frame and accessories. Among them, the hydraulic dumping mechanism and the structure of the carriage are different from each modification manufacturer. The structure of the dump truck is explained in two ...

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